quest monger wrote:

I have read through the official documentation here for Solaris-10 -
I have found a few web posts on how to make it work for Solaris-11.
Have any of you tried adding a Solaris-11 host to an existing IPA
server? If so, do you have any documentation/how-tos/instructions that i
could use to do the same. Any help is appreciated.
I am trying to do this to so I can centralize SSH authentication for all
my Solaris-11 and Linux hosts.

That is pretty much all we've got. There is a bug open with some documentation updates, and some more in

We use sssd to help with centralized SSH auth so it probably won't work as smoothly on Solaris as it does on sssd-based Linux systems. See sss_ssh_authorizedkeys(1) and sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy(8).

This document describes how it works in IPA


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