Thanks Rob, those bug reports help.
One more question, in the official Solaris 10 documentation, i see this
stuff -

-a proxyPassword={NS1}*fbc123a92116812*

userPassword:: *e1NTSEF9Mm53KytGeU81Z1dka1FLNUZlaDdXOHJkK093TEppY2NjRmt6Wnc9PQ*=

Is there a way to generate that password hash for a new password. I think
that should be part of the documentation, dont want all Solaris IPA users
to be using the same password and corresponding hash.


On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 4:36 PM, Rob Crittenden <> wrote:

> quest monger wrote:
>> I have read through the official documentation here for Solaris-10 -
>> Guide/Configuring_an_IPA_Client_on_Solaris.html
>> I have found a few web posts on how to make it work for Solaris-11.
>> Have any of you tried adding a Solaris-11 host to an existing IPA
>> server? If so, do you have any documentation/how-tos/instructions that i
>> could use to do the same. Any help is appreciated.
>> I am trying to do this to so I can centralize SSH authentication for all
>> my Solaris-11 and Linux hosts.
> That is pretty much all we've got. There is a bug open with some
> documentation updates, 
> some more in
> We use sssd to help with centralized SSH auth so it probably won't work as
> smoothly on Solaris as it does on sssd-based Linux systems. See
> sss_ssh_authorizedkeys(1) and sss_ssh_knownhostsproxy(8).
> This document describes how it works in IPA
> rob
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