On 05/21/2014 08:36 AM, Davis Goodman wrote:
> Hi,
> Lately I’ve been having issues of replication between my server and my 2 
> replicas.
> I decided I was going to delete my 2 replicas and start over keeping my 
> master intact.
> I wasn`t successfull in getting all 3 servers to replicate to each other. ( 
> it used to work)
> I tried deleting  1 replica after the other one  to always keep one of the 
> two available. 
> I had to delete manually the replica host on the master with a bunch of 
> ldapdelete command which worked fine.
> But after many unsuccessful trials of getting everyone to sync I decided to 
> delete my two replicas.
> I went back to my master to use the ldapdelete to remove both host`s records 
> so that I could start over.
> Unfortunately now I’m getting this error.
> ldapdelete -x -D "cn=Directory Manager" -W   
> cn=DNS,cn=freeipa02.mtl.domain.int,cn=masters,cn=ipa,cn=etc,dc=domain,dc=int
> Enter LDAP Password: 
> ldap_delete: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
>       additional info: database is read-only
> I’m kinda stuck now with no replicas and no DNS. I could restore the backup 
> prior to the start of the operation but with a master in read-only mode it 
> wouldn’t of much help.
> Any insights would be more than welcome.
> Davis

Hi Davis, did maybe some of your ipa-replica-manage crashed in a middle of an
operation or an upgrade was interrupted  and left the database put in read only

You can find out with this ldapsearch:

ldapsearch -h `hostname` -D "cn=Directory Manager" -x -w kokos123 -b
'cn=userRoot,cn=ldbm database,cn=plugins,cn=config' -s base

Check for nsslapd-readonly, it should be put to "off" in normal operation.


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