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>  Hi,
>  I found this thread from a year ago about Samba File Sharing in a IPA
> and AD trust setup and wonder if anything have changed regarding this kind
> of setup or is it still "uncharted territory"?
>  https://www.redhat.com/archives/freeipa-users/2013-April/msg00248.html
>  I wonder since i am evaluating RHEL 7 and have setup a trust between IPA
> (3.3.3-28) and a Windows Server 2012 AD.
>  Having a Samba file server on the same VM as a IPA replica is not
> desirable for security as well as other reasons.
>  What would be interesting is to be able to have Home Directories and
> other shared directories shared through both NFS 4 and Samba. AD users as
> well as IPA users could access the Home Directories and group shares
> through NFS 4 on Linux and through Samba if they log in on a Windows PC.
I'm just starting to learn about FreeIPA, but I have exactly what you
describe in production without it. The files are shared through Samba for
AD users, and through NFS for users of the other authentication system,
that is Kerberos + OpenLDAP. Despite some technical details about SID to
UID mappings (because we have some users in both systems), it works greats.
I am guessing here, but I think there would be no problem to implement the
same thing but with FreeIPA.
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