RHEL 7 IPA Server 3.3 with a trust to a Windows 2012 Server AD
RHEL 7 NFS Server
RHEL 7 Client

I have found one problem when using a NFS 4 shared Home Directory for AD users 
logging in to IPA.
I have created a NFS share /home/adexample.org and use autofs map in IPA.
All wbinfo tests works as well as id.
I can login fine through SSH and Shell with adt...@adexample.org
The problem is that I can add the AD user as owner of his Home Directory and if 
I log in to the NFS Server locally or through ssh permissions are correct but 
when logging in to any other computer i get "nobody" as owner.
Groups are no problem since AD groups can be mapped to Posix groups.

Idmap.conf domain is set to the IPA Domain.

Is there some way to get NFS working with the AD user as owner of his Home 

Thanks for any help.

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