On Jun 3, 2014, at 4:37 AM, Innes, Duncan <duncan.in...@virginmoney.com> wrote:

> I'm starting to log IPA to a central point too.  I'd hoped the A part of
> IPA would have arrived, but other functionality has pushed it down the
> priority list.  Would be good to see it arrive as something integrated
> with systemd/journald with fully separated log fields instead of a
> simple log text line.
> For now, rsyslog does a decent job of sending the logs over the network
> and I'm using logstash to parse logs and pop them into elasticsearch for
> analysing via Kibana.  I've had most trouble with the rsyslog side of
> things, but that's because I tried to get rsyslog to send in JSON format
> rather than plain text.  Once I reigned in my ambition, it proved to be
> somewhat easier -

Any chance you could share your kibana configuration?
> All I've added to RHEL6 client is a file /etc/rsyslog.d/logstash.conf
> with contents:
> *.* @logstash.example.com:5544
> and (firewalls permitting) my logs end up at the logstash server for
> parsing.
> Duncan


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