Kibana just renders the data, so I have no specific configuration for

My logstash config (mostly cribbed from is as follows:



input {
  syslog {
    type => syslog
    port => 5544
  udp {
    type => syslogjson
    port => 5500
    codec => "json"

filter {
  # This replaces the host field (UDP source) with the host that
generated the message (sysloghost)
  if [sysloghost] {
    mutate {
      replace => [ "host", "%{sysloghost}" ]
      remove_field => "sysloghost" # prune the field after successfully
replacing "host"

output {
  elasticsearch {
    protocol => node
    node_name => "Indexer01"

This is my dev cluster which runs a logstash-1.4.1 RPM install
connecting to an elasticsearch cluster running on 3 workstations and a
laptop.  The UDP connection is only used by a single client, so could be
ignored.  This is the JSON sending that I referred to previously.  Not
entirely successful so far.

On my "prod" system I've also managed to write some grok filters:


input {
  syslog {
    type => syslog
    port => 5544

filter {
  if [type] == "syslog" {
    grok {
      patterns_dir => "/opt/logstash/patterns"
      match => { "message" => "%{BESPOKFW}" }
      match => { "message" => "%{AUDITAVC}" }

output {
  elasticsearch {
    embedded => true
    template_overwrite => true
    manage_template => false

/opt/logstash/patterns/bespokfw containing

ETHTYPE (?:(?:[A-Fa-f0-9]{2}):(?:[A-Fa-f0-9]{2}))
IPTABLES1 (?:%{WORD:vmfw}: IN=(%{WORD:in_device})?
OUT=(%{WORD:out_device})? (MAC=%{NETFILTERMAC})?.*SRC=%{IP:src_ip}
IPTABLES2 (?:%{WORD:vmfw}: IN=(%{WORD:in_device})?
OUT=(%{WORD:out_device})? (MAC=%{NETFILTERMAC})?.*SRC=%{IP:src_ip}


/opt/logstash/patterns/auditavc containing

AVCDEV (%{NUMBER:devmaj}:%{NUMBER:devmin})
AUDITAVC (?:type=%{WORD:audit_type}
avc:\s*%{WORD:avc_action}\s*\{ %{WORD:avc_type} \}
for\s*pid=(%{NUMBER:avc_pid})? comm=\"(%{WORD:avc_comm})?\"
dev=(%{AVCDEV:avc_dev})? ino=(%{NUMBER:avc_ino})?)?
tcontext=(%{NOTSPACE:avc_tcontext})? tclass=(%{WORD:avc_tclass})?)

This is running a tarball version of logstash (1.3.3 I think) with an
embedded elasticsearch instance.

Both work reasonably well.  Am looking to bring more log data back at
the moment (i.e. application specific logs).



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> On Jun 3, 2014, at 4:37 AM, Innes, Duncan 
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> > I'm starting to log IPA to a central point too.  I'd hoped 
> the A part 
> > of IPA would have arrived, but other functionality has 
> pushed it down 
> > the priority list.  Would be good to see it arrive as something 
> > integrated with systemd/journald with fully separated log fields 
> > instead of a simple log text line.
> > 
> > For now, rsyslog does a decent job of sending the logs over the 
> > network and I'm using logstash to parse logs and pop them into 
> > elasticsearch for analysing via Kibana.  I've had most trouble with 
> > the rsyslog side of things, but that's because I tried to 
> get rsyslog 
> > to send in JSON format rather than plain text.  Once I 
> reigned in my 
> > ambition, it proved to be somewhat easier -
> > 
> Any chance you could share your kibana configuration?
> > All I've added to RHEL6 client is a file 
> /etc/rsyslog.d/logstash.conf 
> > with contents:
> > 
> > *.*
> > 
> > and (firewalls permitting) my logs end up at the logstash 
> server for 
> > parsing.
> > 
> > Duncan
> <snip>
> -josh
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