On 25.6.2014 15:03, Dave Gonzalez wrote:
Hey again guys,

I know and understand there are topics that draw more interest and attention
than others but I'd really need to insist on a *working*
FreeIPA+Postfix+Dovecto tutorial tested by any members of the community?.

I'd like to deploy this setup for my company so that some 20+ users can
authenticate OTP-style or SSO-style to Services on my current setup which
include Openfire, Asterisk.

I'd really appreciate a bit more attention to something that many users will
like me thank and appreciate.


Do you have any particular problem with how-tos in Mail Services section?

The wiki is open to anyone with Fedora account so feel free to fix any bugs you find in the how-tos when you try them.

If you encounter some hard problem then please report which versions you use, what you did, what doesn't work etc. so we can help you.

Have a nice day!

Petr^2 Spacek

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