> The second @ is not provided by kerberos, it is rpcimapd making false
> assumptions, it does a getpwuid and gets back adt...@ad.example.org as
> the username, to which it decides to slap on the local REALM name with an @
> sign in between.
> I think this is something that may be handled with imapd.conf configuration.

Muchas gracias. This makes sense.

Found an old presentation on the topic [1]. Slide 15 is particularly relevant. 
Slide 4, however, taught me something I didn't know: NFS wants to deal with 
NFSv4 domain names (slide 3), which can be different than GSS principal names 
(Kerberos principals). There is only one NFS domain, but there can be multiple 
security realms and multiple DNS domains (slide 2).

The crux of this is on slide 14: "Need to add posixAccount with GSSAuthName for 
UID/GID mapping of remote user".  Is this another use case for views?

What I'm not quite clear on is the interaction between idmapd and ldap (slides 
15,16,18). Does idmapd want to see this "NFSv4RemoteUser" schema on the LDAP 
server? Is this schema something that FreeIPA would have to support for NFS to 
work with cross-realm trusts? Or has the landscape changed since this 2005 



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