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> > What I'm not quite clear on is the interaction between idmapd and ldap
> > (slides 15,16,18). Does idmapd want to see this "NFSv4RemoteUser"
> > schema on the LDAP server? Is this schema something that FreeIPA would
> > have to support for NFS to work with cross-realm trusts? Or has the
> > landscape changed since this 2005 presentation?
> The landscape has changed and evolved, and I never really saw adoption of
> this CITI proposal myself. It may have happened somewhere I guess, but I do
> not think it is prevalent.

Poking a little more, I'm seeing something pretty similar to this proposal in 
the UMICH_SCHEMA section here: http://linux.die.net/man/5/idmapd.conf

This appears to be the same man page which ships with Fedora 20. It looks like 
it's configurable, with the defaults being more or less the attributes 
mentioned in the 2005 powerpoint...

If views were to support these attributes, external security principals could 
have a nice centralized mapping to NFS for the freeipa managed linux 


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