Hello everyone, for some time i was trying to make Kolab Groupwere to work
with FreeIPA and after some research is now working. However the
modification made in FreeIPA makes me wonder if some how limit the
functions of the software.

Changes Made:

Creation of
OU=Groups (Don't want to mix FreeIpa Groups whit Kolab's)
OU=Shared Folders (Requires by Kolab)
OU=Resources (Requires by Kolab)

 In cn=config
a extensibleObject whit a domainRelatedObject and aci (require by kolab)

The user are created from Freeipa interface  name.surname wish result in a
mailbox for that user in the Kolab server.

My actual question is if this may break  replication, or windows <->
freeipa forest relationship. Thanks in advance for your time. Regards
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