> Hmm, sorry for incomplete instructions then. I updated the instructions to
> cope with that situation better (details in
> https://fedorahosted.org/freeipa/ticket/4466#comment:2). Please feel free
> to report more findings or even better help us enhance the page even
> further :-)

Hmm, I thought it looked like your wiki, but when there was no login in the 
upper-right corner, I assumed it was an online version of your manual. That 
always gets me, even when I'm looking at a page I know I created myself.

In this case, tho, I was definitely not qualified to provide a fix. New to both 
certmonger and that Mozilla certificate database thing.

Made a comment on the talk page about the related OpenLDAP selinux issues (more 
than one cert_t defined). Dunno if you get notifications.


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