On 17.9.2014 18:41, Ron wrote:
I have created user groups and entered users.

When I view the groups under the "User Groups" heading, I see the group

When I go to the "Users" heading, and click the "User Groups"
sub-heading, IPA does not show any groups (says no entries at bottom).

See attached png screenshots.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

This does not happen for all members of the group.  For some users,
there *are* entries for groups under "Users -> User groups"

Thank you.

Hello Ron,

this is indeed a weird behavior.

First, let's figure out whether the problem is in Web UI or somewhere else.

When you run CLI command:
   ipa user-show brogOBFUSCATED

Does it list 'p309-mm' or any other group name in 'Member of groups' line?

On the second screenshot the obfuscated user login looks like it has space in it. I hope it's just an illusion.

Petr Vobornik

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