On 9/22/2014 7:59 PM, Ade Lee wrote:
If you scroll to the end of the CS.cfg, does it look like it has been
I'd have to say no. It doesn't look truncated to me. At least there are no obvious signs. But then again I don't know everything that is suppose to be there. I know that the line starting with "pkicreate.unsecure_port=" isn't there, that's for sure. Hence why init script fails to start PKI-CA.

If you have backups of the CS.cfg, that will help.  Also, you could look
for backups that we have created:
Sadly there were no backups. This was a test/dev VM with no backup policy.
find /var/lib/pki-ca -name CS.cfg*
find /var/log -name CS.cfg*
I've replied to you directly with all CS.cfg* files I could find. Most appear to be templates and not backups as per your message.

Also, do you have a replica CA?
Yes and no. The master was originally configured with a replica but the test replica VM was not used after that and was shutdown and removed.

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