dn: ou=mycompany,cn=Schema Compatibility, cn=plugins, cn=config 
objectclass: top 
objectclass: extensibleObject 
ou: mycompany 
schema-compat-container-group: cn=compat,cn=accounts,dc=mydc 
schema-compat-container-rdn: ou=mycompany 
schema-compat-search-base: cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=cxusers 
schema-compat-entry-rdn: uid=%{uid} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: objectClass=account 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: objectClass=posixAccount 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: objectClass=inetOrgPerson 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: objectClass=kerberosPrincipalAux 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: homeDirectory=%{homeDirectory} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: uidNumber=%{uidNumber} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: gidNumber=%{gidNumber} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: loginShell=%{loginShell} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: userPassword=* 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: mail=%{mail} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: krbPrincipalName=%{krbPrincipalName} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: cn=%{cn} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: gecos=%{gecos} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: givenName=%{givenName} 
schema-compat-entry-attribute: sn=%{sn} 


[root@mydc ~]# ldapmodify -Y GSSAPI -f mycompany.ldif 
SASL/GSSAPI authentication started 
SASL username: admin@MYDC 
SASL data security layer installed. 
ldapmodify: modify operation type is missing at line 2, entry 
"ou=mycompany,cn=Schema Compatibility, cn=plugins, cn=config" 

Sándor Juhász 
System Administrator 
ChemAxon Ltd . 
Building Hx, GraphiSoft Park, Záhony utca 7, Budapest, Hungary, H-1031 
Cell: +36704258964 

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From: "Martin Kosek" <> 
To: "Sandor Juhasz" <>, 
Sent: Friday, September 26, 2014 1:00:37 PM 
Subject: Re: [Freeipa-users] Virtual DIT view howto 

On 09/26/2014 11:19 AM, Sandor Juhasz wrote: 
> Hello, 
> i want to bind applications to the ldap, via ldap connector, so this should 
> be 
> fine. 
> I have made the ldif, but i have no idea how to apply it, because simple 
> ldapmodify gives and error. 

I would then start with sharing the LDIF and the error with freeipa-users :-) 


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