New task: I want to add an additional schema (radius schema) to default user 
object classes.

I prepared the ldif-file for the schema:  ,
then followed instructions in  
At step #2 of the instructions, ldapmodify command was run;
as I'm using FreeIPA 4.1 in a multi-master replication scenario with 2 servers,
the command was run on both servers and produced this output on both:

   modifying entry "cn=schema"

Then I switched to GUI and added "radiusprofile" objectclass. After hitting the 
"Update" button I got the message: 

"IPA Error 4001: NotFound

objectclass radiusprofile not found"

Restarting ipactl didn't help.
Command "ldapsearch -Y GSSAPI | grep schema" gives no output besides 
informational SASL messages.
There is a "MUST cn" part in the objectclass definition in the ldif-file, but 
even after removing it the situation doesn't change.
Please help me to understand where is the problem, and is it generally possible 
to use radius.schema with FreeIPA?
The original schema was taken from:  
Thanks in advance!

Орхан Касумов
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