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Hi, all:

I have four servers (two in one location, two in another) running
IPA 3.0 set to replicate like so:

Location A Server 1 - - - - - - - - Location B Server 1
               |                                            |
               |                                            |
               |                                            |
               |                                            |
Location A Server 2 - - - - - - - - Location B Server 2

Each server has DNS configured; however, I think I have configured
something inappropriately with respect to authoritative records.

I have eight zones configured and ipa dnszone-show for any one of
them has Location B Server 1's name as authoritative. In each of
the eight zones, I have added NS records for the other three
servers. On all of the servers except Location B Server
1, /var/log/messages will show:

client x.xxx.x.xxx#14366: received notify for zone
'x.xxx.x.in-addr.arpa': not authoritative

This occurs for most, but not all, zones. Along with this:

LDAP query timed out. Try to adjust "timeout" parameter
update_record (psearch) failed, dn
change type 0x0. Records can be outdated, run `rndc reload`: not

I feel like I've misconfigured a few things along the way and I'd
love some help. Along with that if anyone has recommendations on
things I should read to help me better understand what I should be
doing with DNS, I'd appreciate it.

Uhmm sounds like a bug in reloading the info in the bind ldap

Can you restart named on one of the other servers and tell if the
warning goes away and/or if the client returns that server as
authoritative after the bounce ?


Simo Sorce * Red Hat, Inc * New York

Upon restarting named, 'not authoritative' is not present for any of
the zones and dig on clients shows all of the servers as
authoritative. The restart of named did not always go cleanly,
however. Sometimes, the same timeout issue as before would present
itself. Should I not worry about those?

Ok would you be able to opne a bug (bugzilla or trac, either is fine)
for the 2 issues ?

One seem to be that changing the NS record is not causing a proper
change in authoritative status.
The second should be about the timeout error you are seeing.

Please keep in mind that bind-dyndb-ldap just reads data from LDAP so naturally changes done in LDAP are not visible in DNS if directory server is not working properly.

Default LDAP search timeout used by bind-dyndb-ldap is 60 seconds which is *a lot*, i.e. it should not happen at all.

I would recommend you to dig in directory server logs /var/log/dirsrv/ to see if there is a problem before you open a bind-dyndb-ldap bug - I would point you to DS logs anyway :-)

Do you see high CPU/memory utilization or something like that? Does the LDAP server respond to normal LDAP query when you see messages like "LDAP query timeout"?

Which version of bind-dyndb-ldap and 389-ds-base do you use?

Petr^2 Spacek

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