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[ovirt-users] templates and freeipa
Jim Kinney <jim.kin...@gmail.com>
10/31/2014 02:55 PM

"us...@ovirt.org" <us...@ovirt.org>

Ovirt 3.5 is running well for me and I have freeIPA controlling access to the user portal. I would like to provide templates of various linux setups that all have freeipa for user authentication in the VM for my developers to be able to create a new VM from and then log in using their freeIPA access and sudo control. I'm wanting to group developers by project and use freeIPA to set sudo commands as needed (group A get oracle, group B get postgresql, etc). Wanting to maximize developer ability while minimizing my clean up time :-) They will be able to delete VMs they create.

It's possible to do a kickstart deploy with freeIPA registration but a template from that will be a problem as it will have the same keys for all VMs.

Is there a post-creation scripting process I can attach to in ovirt or should I look at a default root user and script that personalizes the new VM?

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