On 11/07/2014 06:44 PM, Dmitri Pal wrote:
On 11/07/2014 06:29 PM, Janelle wrote:
hi all..

As we head into the weekend, I hope you all take time to play and enjoy. At the same time, if you are online and have any ideas - are there any good tuning suggestions for beefing up 389ds for an environment with approx 4000 users and approx 1000 hosts?

My guess is the cache needs work for the number of users, so that is where I am looking. Any ideas?



I would start there.

For cache tuning (entry cache, dn cache, db cache) see https://github.com/richm/scripts/wiki/dbmon.sh (dbmon.sh might also be in your 389-ds-base package depending on the platform)

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