On 20.11.2014 08:18, Rolf Nufable wrote:
> I have a quick question Do I need to configure the forwarders of 
> freeipa-server 4.1.1 when doing the freeipa-install-server?
This is *necessary* only if you have some internal DNS zones which are not
resolvable using public DNS infrastructure. In all other cases it is purely
optional cache optimization.

> I forgot the reason why I don't need to because my email suddenly deleted 
> that message from Martin, and now I can't remember why or how not to include 
> a forwarder, and how to add a forwarder manually.. 
> **********************UPDATE ************************************************
> I've installed freeipa 4.1.1 --setup-dns --no-forwarders so far the 
> installation went well .. but I need to configure freeipa server as a 
> forwarder right?
> so I used te web UI and added the freeipaserver ip as a forwarder, then I 
> rebooted the freeipa server.
> after the reboot I couldn't access the web browser. 
> Any idea on how can I fix this?? 

This is probably unrelated to forwarders. Which error message are you
receiving, exactly?

Petr^2 Spacek

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