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On Mon, 01 Dec 2014, Nicolas Zin wrote:
>I know that it is possible to connect a FreeIPA/idm to an Active
>Directory forest.
>But is there a way to have a relationship between 2 freeipa domains,
>and if yes, is there any documentation.
Not implemented yet.

So even "manually" it is not possible? like following
That one is only covering a 'generic' Kerberos realm trust, not
specifically applied to FreeIPA.

So far, I tried to:
kadmin.local -x ipa-setup-override-restrictions -r A.EXAMPLE.COM
add_principal krbtgt/b.example....@a.example.com

kadmin.local -x ipa-setup-override-restrictions -r B.EXAMPLE.COM
add_principal krbtgt/a.example....@b.example.com

edit /etc/krb5.conf to add element in sections [realms], [domain_realm]
and [capaths]

and add a file into /var/lib/sss/pubconf/kdcinfo.B.EXAMPLE.COM (and
/var/lib/sss/pubconf/kdcinfo.A.EXAMPLE.COM). Yes this is ugly.

I manage to kinit us...@b.example.com from A.EXAMPLE.COM and with this
credential to ssh to the other host.

But I don't manage to do it transparently (i.e. ssh B.EXAMPLE.COM -l
us...@a.example.com with the good passord, or better: without password)

I guess this is not implemented in sssd and this is the problem I face?
Yes, SSSD doesn't know that A.EXAMPLE.COM is a 'subdomain of
B.EXAMPLE.COM (this is how we manage all trusts), thus doesn't know how
to resolve users/groups from that realm and how to assign them POSIX
attributes locally.

Our approach is to get FreeIPA/AD trust case finished first and then
reuse as much as possible for FreeIPA/FreeIPA trust case. We anyway
would have to implement most of the same functionality -- ID range
handling, POSIX attributes management, caching of group membership
(MS-PAC or UNIX-PAD extensions in Kerberos tickets), discovery of forest
topology and so on.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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