Hi folks, really pleased with the latest versions of FreeIPA. Very robust, 
quite impressive!

In the process of setting it up, I ended up having to move servers a couple of 
times. The original server is gone, just replicas that installed cleanly with 
each other. 

The problem is I didn't realize I was destroying the CA in the process. Maybe 
because I didn't promote the CA before the original was blown away. This was 
about three months ago and now I'm having a hard time recovering. I did use the 
--setup-ca option every time a replica was made, but I can't tell what was 
salvaged and what was lost. (Maybe the installer could warn about this for the 
PBKAC types like myself...)

I have a fairly large investment in the configuration of the LDAP (domains, 
hosts and accounts) and need to maintain those somehow. I'm expecting that my 
certificates will probably have to be started from scratch though.

Can anyone offer advice how to proceed?

Thanks kindly, Brian

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