We have a pair of IPA Servers for our network. Our servers  are Oracle Linux 6 
x86_64 with the ipa-server.3.0.X packages [up to date as distributed by Oracle 

Recently we noticed that the master (IPA01) is replicating fine to the 
designated replicant. But changes that are made on the replicant do not get 
back to the master.

This is true when ipa-clients register (if the registration script grabs the 
replicant for registration then the host enrollment and DNS will not make it 
back to the master.
This is true when users make a password change. If the password process grabs 
the master then replication to the replicant is fine, but if the change process 
grabs the replicant it will not make it back to the master. Then the user login 
is broken.
This is true when, in the IPA Admin Web Interface we delete a host entry or DNS 
record. If done on the master the change replicates to the replicant. If the 
change is made on the replicant it does not make it to the master.

We have not found anything in the documentation that helps us understand where 
to proceed or what to do to diagnose the replication problem. We have tried 
removing the replicant from the IPA server configuration and powering off the 
box, creating a new server and reconstructing a new replica on that new server. 
The problem persists. We suspect the issue lies in some configuration somewhere 
on the master, but know not where to go next.

Anyone have a similar experience and overcome it? We will take any advice we 
can get!

With appreciation and respect;

Steven Auerbach
Systems Administrator
State University System of Florida
Board of Governors
325 West Gaines Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399
(850) 245-9592 | Fax (850) 245-0419
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