Thank you for your reply.

An "ldapsearch" revealed that the buffer is set to 64k on both the master and 
the replica.

I will increase to size to 2M and test to see if this resolves the problem.

Best regards,


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On 01/29/2015 02:43 PM, Auerbach, Steven wrote:
> We have a pair of IPA Servers for our network. Our servers  are Oracle Linux 
> 6 x86_64 with the ipa-server.3.0.X packages [up to date as distributed by 
> Oracle Linux].
> Recently we noticed that the master (IPA01) is replicating fine to the 
> designated replicant. But changes that are made on the replicant do not get 
> back to the master.
> This is true when ipa-clients register (if the registration script grabs the 
> replicant for registration then the host enrollment and DNS will not make it 
> back to the master.
> This is true when users make a password change. If the password process grabs 
> the master then replication to the replicant is fine, but if the change 
> process grabs the replicant it will not make it back to the master. Then the 
> user login is broken.
> This is true when, in the IPA Admin Web Interface we delete a host entry or 
> DNS record. If done on the master the change replicates to the replicant. If 
> the change is made on the replicant it does not make it to the master.
> We have not found anything in the documentation that helps us understand 
> where to proceed or what to do to diagnose the replication problem. We have 
> tried removing the replicant from the IPA server configuration and powering 
> off the box, creating a new server and reconstructing a new replica on that 
> new server. The problem persists. We suspect the issue lies in some 
> configuration somewhere on the master, but know not where to go next.
> Anyone have a similar experience and overcome it? We will take any advice we 
> can get!
> With appreciation and respect;
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this looks similar to: 

Did you try to raise the nsslapd-sasl-max-buffer-size?

David Kupka

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