David Dejaeghere wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently deployed FreeIPA but I stumbled upon a problem with migrating
> my groups. The groups in our old system are mixed case. Such as MyGroup.
> The application that syncs these groups is case sensitive.  The problem
> is that when i create these groups using the webgui or the ipa admin
> tool it gets created using lowercase.  I was wondering if there is a way
> around this? Even perhaps changing a small part in the code. I tried
> looking into the code of the ipa admin tool but could not find the part
> that change the group name to lowercase. Any tips or help?

IPA has always forced lower-case group names. The value is stored in the
cn attribute in LDAP which is case insensitive so allowing mixed-case
would just cause confusion (because you can't have myGroup and MYgroup).

I really wouldn't recommend changing the IPA source as it is going to be
difficult to remember making the same change across all masters with
each update, beyond the fact that it has never been tested. Who knows
how compatible this will be internally.

But in any case, in ipalib/plugins/group.py you'll find where the
parameters are defined in takes_params. In the Str('cn') definition
there is a normalizer:

normalizer=lambda value: value.lower(),

Remove or comment out this line and restart httpd.

Good luck.


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