On Sun, Feb 22, 2015 at 10:19:32PM +0100, Günther J. Niederwimmer wrote:
> Hello,
> I have installed centos 7 and a ipa-server on a other system a second ipa-
> server.
> But I can't create a user home directory, not on the server and not on a ipa-
> client with autocreate ?
> Have any a hint on witch place I can search for this problem ?
> sssd ipa-server / client ....
> When you like info please tell me what?

The first step is verifying that "getent passwd $user" actually reports
the home dir you'd like it to. It's especially important to check with
users from trusted AD domains.

Do you intend to auto-create the home directories on the clients or have
them mounted from a central location? In the former case, you should
check configuration of oddjob-mkhomedir, in the latter, you should check
the automounter configuration.

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