On 10.3.2015 12:14, Guertin, David S. wrote:
>>> Seems the initial/default setup for IPA server is to put in an 'allow_all'
>> rule. Thus you can actively manage HBAC but out of the box, it is essentially
>> turned off by that rule.
>> Yes. The default was the opposite very long time ago, you had to explicitly
>> enable access to the box. But it was causing too many user issues.
> OK, I have reinstalled the IPA server with the --no_hbac_allow flag (i.e. : 
> ipa-server-install --no_hbac_allow), but the behavior remains the same. I can 
> still see all AD users instead of just those in the particular group I've 
> added.
> Is there something else that needs be done to override the allow_all setting?

You should be able to 'see' them via getent passwd but they should not be
allowed to login when HBAC_ALLOW_ALL is disabled.

Petr^2 Spacek

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