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> Ben .T.George wrote:
> > HI
> >
> > thanks for the rply.
> >
> > even i tried native auto_master file with directory checking script. if
> > i feed the user manually to the script, the directory is creating and
> > while login request comes, it didn't.
> >
> > i don't think no one did full solaris integration util now as i asked
> > many questions related to that.
> >
> > now i am little bit confident up to this level. and if everything is
> > working fine, i will try to create automated script for IPA join
> automount is not a technology that automatically creates directories, it
> just automatically mounts them on demand.
> I'm not aware of a way to automatically create directories on new-user
> logins in Solaris.

I have not used 'official' solaris but using omnios (open solaris
derivative) I have used this with their automounter:


Quite nifty. It should work with solaris as well (well, maybe with a little

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