I have an existing web app built with java/WebObjects that currently handles 
some user/groups tasks with our current directory server (Open Directory). We 
are investigating a move to FreeIPA for our directory services.

Just in mucking around, I’ve found that if I try to insert a new user 
(inetOrgPerson) into into IPA’s implementation, the new user does not inherit 
all the object classes it should. It only inherits the ones leading to 
inetOrgPerson. This does result in a successful inetOrgPerson insertion, but 
that user record does not show up in the Web GUI management tools.

Usually, I have focused on inetOrgPerson because that is where the bulk of the 
info about a user lives.

We have a SQL database that contains people in our organization (used by other 
services), so, we need to be able to leverage that and push users into IPA when 
appropriate and we have an existing app to do this.

Tim W

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