you do not need to explain me anything. Most people around here are on the same boat and working on this stuff already for quite awhile.

I forgot to mention this is for a PROPER sssd run, still you will need all those below as you will get some issues sorted (specially sudo related)

So...you need the following If I remember well..:

system-arch --> system Architecture


I haven't installed the freeIPA client but I have run sssd successfully for a 389-ds server and the above combination worked all right, specially the sudo bit which was a bit of a hell. To get to that point I spent a number of fun days thanks to the limitations provided by amazon on their packages.

Do not forget to install the epel and try to look for either "ipa" or "ipa-server" as I doubt that will be called freeipa at all.(I haven't tested that though.)


On 27/03/2015 01:03, Yogesh Sharma wrote:

We have some running servers on Amazon Linux and it would be difficult to migrate all those to CentOS or RHEL as of now. Hence If you can provide the package's version then it would really help us till the time we do migration.

For sure all over new Servers are going to be CentOS or RHEL.

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On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 1:03 PM, Gonzalo Fernandez Ordas <g.fer.or...@unicyber.co.uk <mailto:g.fer.or...@unicyber.co.uk>> wrote:


    My personal experience using AWS Linux and LDAP is not a good one
    and mostly an utter nightmare in relation to packages.
    Personally I would recommend you to keep away from AWS Linux and
    get a Centos, Fedora or Redhat.
    Still, if you want to go ahead, I can give you the right versions
    for a couple of packages as the default sudo given by Amazon
    simply DOES NOT work (no idea what they have done to it..)


    On 27/03/2015 00:03, Yogesh Sharma wrote:

    Is there any repo available for Amazon Linux to install IPA
    Client OR below is the only way to do as found from freeipa-user
    mail archive.


    Thanks for the help.
    Best Regards,
    /Yogesh Sharma

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