Thanx for the feedback ,let me read a bit and will share how I managed to 
resolve it

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On (07/04/15 12:57), Jakub Hrozek wrote:
>On Tue, Apr 07, 2015 at 12:48:37PM +0200, Chamambo Martin wrote:
>> Sorry for the confusion about that one ,that client I used to 
>> aunthenticate to a pure 389 directory server and I have since changed 
>> it to free ipa and below is the correct configuration.
>> I managed to add the line sudo_provider = ipa and im getting the 
>> below error on my client
>I don't see it added to the config.
It's not necessary to add "sudo_provider = ipa" into domain section.
because if sudo_provider is not specified then it is automatically inherited 
from "id_provider".

It is described in documentation [1] (point 4) and also in the manual page 

IIRC ipa-client-install should configure all necessary things on rhel 7.1

>If it's added, the next steps would be to add debug_level to the sudo 
>and domain sections.
>has some notes on gathering the debug logs.



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