I have deployed FreeIPA on RedHat 7 and everything is working perfectly fine
except when I try to configure SUDO. All my clients are all centos 6 and
RedHat 6 clients and have the below config . I have followed every how-to
and I just can't seem to get it.I have configured the sudo commands and
rules mostly for reading files /usr/bin/vim and /usr/bin/less for reading
log files




sudoers: files sss


cat /etc/sssd/sssd.conf



[root@nemo ~]# cat /etc/sssd/sssd.conf 



autofs_provider = ldap

cache_credentials = True

krb5_realm = XX.XX.XX

krb5_server = XX.XX.XX.XX:88

id_provider = ldap

auth_provider = ldap

chpass_provider = ldap

ldap_id_use_start_tls = False

ldap_tls_cacertdir = /etc/openldap/cacerts



debug_level = 0x07F0

cache_credentials = True

krb5_store_password_if_offline = True

ipa_domain = ai.co.zw

id_provider = ipa

auth_provider = ipa

access_provider = ipa

ipa_hostname = XX.XX.XX.XX

chpass_provider = ipa

ipa_server = _srv_, XX.XX.XX.XX

ldap_tls_cacert = /etc/ipa/ca.crt



services = nss, sudo, pam, autofs, ssh

config_file_version = 2


domains = default, XX.XX.XX



homedir_substring = /home















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