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    hi All,

    I have CentOS 6.6 server and want to upgrade to 7.1.

    What is the upgrade path, can I do it directly or first I need to make it 
to 3.3?
    Also is there any known issue I should expect with workarounds?
    I just did this yesterday, so here's my experience. If you have a simple 
single-server installation with no custom LDAP DIT modifications, you should find 
"yum upgrade" does the right thing.

    If you do have DIT mods, you should ask yourself why they are there and 
whether the data will still be accessible after the ACLs are changed. In my 
case, I had Postfix using a LDAP hash and mail delivery stopped working 
(although the domain data was still there just fine).

    Note that the ACLs will propagate from the 4.1 server to your 3.0 if they 
are replicated. To be safe, back up all replicas (snapshot or whatnot) before 
the first upgrade and if you decide to restore any of them, be sure everything 
is shut down and restore all of them to avoid 4.x schema contaminating 3.0 as 
they come up.

    The general recommendation for 3.3 -> 4.1 migration is to start
    introducing 4.1 replicas into your 3.3 environment and then turn
    your 3.3 replicas off. Do not forget to install the CA component
    with one of your 4.1 replicas before removing all the 3.3
    instanced with CAs. With this procedure you would also need to
    move the CRL generation and cert tracking.

    See details in migration section

Will this excellent documentation work too on the migration from 3.0x (rhel 6) to 4.1.x (rhel 7.1)?

I will be migrating the coming months to 7.1 or 7.2 (whichever is the current stable then), so just wondering.

Yes, though it is recommended to get to the latest 6.x first before you start introducing 7.x replicas.



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