On 04/08/2015 08:42 AM, Jan Pazdziora wrote:
Hello world!

The ability to run FreeIPA server in a container was recently
improved by adding support for storing the server configuration and
data in a volume, making it easier to backup the server, upgrade it to
newer versions, as well as adding the ability to start a container
as a replica of existing (containerized or non-containerized) IPA

Using IPA in a container can be an easy way to try IPA or test things
on different OSes (there are multiple per-OS branches in the GitHub
repo and multiple images built), as well as running IPA on a machine
where it would otherwise clash with other software. It it still
an unsupported release but working in multiple tests on our side, so
we encourage our community members to try it out.

We will welcome your comments about your experience with the code at


or automated build images at


README was amended to describe the new usage options.

Hi Jan,

Nice work. Has this been tested on Atomic host yet (just curious)?


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