On Wed, Apr 08, 2015 at 02:42:38PM +0200, Jan Pazdziora wrote:
> The ability to run FreeIPA server in a container was recently
> improved by adding support for storing the server configuration and
> data in a volume, making it easier to backup the server, upgrade it to
> newer versions, as well as adding the ability to start a container
> as a replica of existing (containerized or non-containerized) IPA
> server.
> Using IPA in a container can be an easy way to try IPA or test things
> on different OSes (there are multiple per-OS branches in the GitHub
> repo and multiple images built), as well as running IPA on a machine
> where it would otherwise clash with other software. It it still
> an unsupported release but working in multiple tests on our side, so
> we encourage our community members to try it out.
> We will welcome your comments about your experience with the code at
>       https://github.com/adelton/docker-freeipa

I gave presentation on EurOpen conference yesterday about the FreeIPA
containerization work:


It explains the approach and the reasons for the layout of the image.

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