When I was working with OpenLDAP, and AD - and did not deal with "RUV"s the way I am with 389-ds and IPA.

I am trying to understand what is "normal" for values. If I am looking at this (and seem to have no replication problems):

ipa-replica-manage list-ruv

ipa001.example.com:389: 13
ipa002.example.com:389: 12
ipa003.example.com:389: 11
ipa004.example.com:389: 10
ipa005.example.com:389: 7
ipa006.example.com:389: 6
ipa007.example.com:389: 5
ipa008.example.com:389: 3
ipa009.example.com:389: 16
ipa00a.example.com:389: 17
ipa00b.example.com:389: 15
ipa00c.example.com:389: 14
ipa00d.example.com:389: 9
ipa00e.example.com:389: 8
ipa00f.example.com:389: 4

I guess I was wondering, should I be seeing all the same values or should they all be unique based on being "replicated" and the order they were added? Or is it telling me something else? Sorry, I guess I am still trying to wrap my head around replication metadata.

Thank you

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