Janelle wrote:
> Hello - and happy day before Earth Day,
> Perhaps this is an easy one and related to replication, BUT:
> $ id some-user-name
> If I run that on every IPA master, should the listing not be identical?
> In other words, the listing of the uid, gid and groups, should show up
> in exactly the same order?
> uid=12345(some-user) gid=101(agroup) groups=101(agroup), 102(another),
> 103(another2)
> What if one replica listed it as:
> uid=12345(some-user) gid=101(agroup) groups=101(agroup), 103(another2),
> 102(another)
> But all the others listed as the first line? Is that indication of a
> problem?

It may be related to the fact that LDAP doesn't guarantee order and no
sorting is done. It is probably not a big deal as long as all the data
is there.

The SSSD guys may have an opinion on it too.


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