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Janelle wrote:
Hello - and happy day before Earth Day,

Perhaps this is an easy one and related to replication, BUT:

$ id some-user-name

If I run that on every IPA master, should the listing not be identical?
In other words, the listing of the uid, gid and groups, should show up
in exactly the same order?

uid=12345(some-user) gid=101(agroup) groups=101(agroup), 102(another),

What if one replica listed it as:

uid=12345(some-user) gid=101(agroup) groups=101(agroup), 103(another2),

But all the others listed as the first line? Is that indication of a

It may be related to the fact that LDAP doesn't guarantee order and no
sorting is done. It is probably not a big deal as long as all the data
is there.
Not even LDAP but POSIX in general does not give you an ordered
guarantee for groups you are member of. There is a primary group always
and the rest of groups are 'supplementary', without any ordering.

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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