On 04/29/2015 05:51 PM, Martin (Lists) wrote:
Am 29.04.2015 um 15:43 schrieb Ludwig Krispenz:
On 04/29/2015 03:17 PM, Martin (Lists) wrote:
Am 27.04.2015 um 09:45 schrieb Ludwig Krispenz:
On 04/26/2015 10:49 AM, Martin (Lists) wrote:

after a reboot I get almost thousand of the following messages:

DSRetroclPlugin - delete_changerecord: could not delete change record
128755 (rc: 32)
this message comes from changeglog trimming and means that an entry,
which should be purged does not exist (any more).
the retrocl maintains a first/lastchange and trinming starts at
firstchange. if for some reason (race ?) there is an attempt to try to
delete the same entry a second time this message should be logged.
since the changenumbers in the error message increases, I think
changelog trimming moves forward. you could do searches on
"cn=changelog" to verify that trimming works.
changelog is part of the ldbm database plugin and contains several
informations I don't understand (or understand partially). What kind of
information should I look for?
the changelog keeps track of the changes applied to the database, a
typical entry looks like:
dn: changenumber=4,cn=changelog
objectClass: top
objectClass: changelogentry
changeNumber: 4
targetDn: cn=tuser,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com
changeTime: 20140411093444Z
changeType: delete
OK, I looked in the wrong directory. Now I have found many changelog
entries, starting with number 152926 and ending with 155512 (ldapsearch
states 2588 numEntries). Should that be that much?

The oldest is about two days and an half old and it does not change
within the last few minutes.

each entry gets a DN made up from he changenumber, so your entries will
be named:
dn: changenumber=61,cn=changelog
dn: changenumber=62,cn=changelog
dn: changenumber=63,cn=changelog
dn: changenumber=64,cn=changelog
changenumbers start and are always incremented, changelog trimming
removes old entries (depending on config).

so if you do a search like:
ldapsearch .................. -b "cn=changelog"
the changenumber of the first entry rerurne should always increase,
indicating that trimming works.
As it seems my trimming is broken, at least partially. Is there
something I can adjust?
no, it seems to be ok, IPA configures the "changelog maxage" as 2d, so if changelog trimming runs, it removes changes older than two days, then it "sleeps" for this time and then runs again, so the changes could pile up to four days, then get trimmed and so on ...

you said "thousands" of messages, how frequent are they really ?
On every reboot I got these messages. I do not get them during normal
how frequently do you reboot ? maybe you only see the trimming after startup

Something odd I observed after the last two reboots: ns-slapd runs my
hard disk for several minutes (about 15 minutes) after the reboot. This
is the time it takes to log all these change record messages.


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