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Am 30.04.2015 um 13:36 schrieb Ludwig Krispenz:
>>> indicating that trimming works.
>> As it seems my trimming is broken, at least partially. Is there
>> something I can adjust?
> no, it seems to be ok, IPA configures the "changelog maxage" as 2d, so
> if changelog trimming runs, it removes changes older than two days, then
> it "sleeps" for this time and then runs again, so the changes could pile
> up to four days, then get trimmed and so on ...
>>> you said "thousands" of messages, how frequent are they really ?
>> On every reboot I got these messages. I do not get them during normal
>> opperation.
> how frequently do you reboot ? maybe you only see the trimming after
> startup
I reboot with almost every kernel update for fedora 21 (so about every

>> Something odd I observed after the last two reboots: ns-slapd runs my
>> hard disk for several minutes (about 15 minutes) after the reboot. This
>> is the time it takes to log all these change record messages.
So my question remains: What does the ldap server do with all these
data? Is it possible to run trimming manually before shutdown? Or can I
do some other things the get this messages away?

>> Kindly
>> Martin

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