On Mon, 2015-05-18 at 09:45 -0500, Janelle wrote:
> Ok, let me ask this a different way, because maybe there is a way, 
> and I am just not seeing it.
> I have 2 datacenters with typical bastions in each. I have enabled 
> OTP and that works fine via ssh. But the user has to login to both 
> and opening ssh tunnels is problematic at best.
> Using all the creativity in this list, maybe someone knows of another 
> way to have a user authenticate from a Mac where they would only have 
> to do it once to get their ticket?
> I guess I can't think of anything, but no harm in asking.

Without support for the OTP pre-authentication mechanism, I don't know
of any way to do this while still retaining the security properties of
Kerberos. Basically, you'll have to hand over your password to a third
party (which has OTP support). This is ill advised.


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