Hi, all. I am trying to integrate certmonger with dogtag instance, and so
far i've stumbled on one odd problem. Hopefully this is the right list.

I've generated some random cert with getcert request, it has communicated
with dogtag, and i approved it there.

However, when certmonger retrieves it, it cannot save it to disk (

Upon inspection of certmonger's request file (in
/var/lib/certmonger/requests ), it turns out that there is an extra empty
line before end certificate marker line.  There is no such line when
looking at the cert in dogtag web interface.

Is there some method/hook i could use to post process such request files to
fix them up?

Currently i have to stop certmonger, remove the unnecessary blank line and
restart it. Then it manages to save the cert to disk and starts tracking it
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