On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 12:34:47PM +0200, marcin kowalski wrote:
> Hi, all. I am trying to integrate certmonger with dogtag instance, and so
> far i've stumbled on one odd problem. Hopefully this is the right list.
> I've generated some random cert with getcert request, it has communicated
> with dogtag, and i approved it there.
> However, when certmonger retrieves it, it cannot save it to disk (
> Upon inspection of certmonger's request file (in
> /var/lib/certmonger/requests ), it turns out that there is an extra empty
> line before end certificate marker line.  There is no such line when
> looking at the cert in dogtag web interface.
> Is there some method/hook i could use to post process such request files to
> fix them up?

There's no hook for doing that with the data files themselves, because
they're meant to be internal details of the implementation, but the data
coming back from the enrollment helper, which is what's malformed to
begin with, can be corrected at the point when the helper is run.

Essentially, you'd replace the configured call to dogtag-submit with a
script or other program that checked $CERTMONGER_OPERATION for the
values "SUBMIT" and "POLL", ran the dogtag-submit helper, filtered its
output to fix this mistake, and returned the helper's exit status to
keep things in line with the daemon's expectations.

Though, if you're running something older than 0.77, please give 0.77.4
(currently in testing for Fedora 20 and 21) or a development snapshot
(from the ipa-devel repo) a try.  The 0.77 release had a lot of its
parsing reworked as part of adding support for SCEP reply formats, which
I think fixed this.  The development snapshots add more authentication
options to the generic Dogtag helper which you may also want, depending
on the enrollment profile you're using.



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