first of all: thanks for FreeIPA, I think it's pretty usefull, well done and 
was missing for a long time. IOW: I really like it, thank you for your work!

That, I'm having a serious problem with it: replication on Debian doesnt work 
at all. Which is partly expected (as Debian uses openldap build against 
gnutls, while Fedora builds openldap against libNSS), so I have rebuild my 
Debian packages against libNSS too. It still doesnt work.

This I have documented extensivly in https://bugs.debian.org/786411 - please 
have a look at the full story there. I'd be really thankful for any hints 
resolving this - it could simple be a configuration problem, I think the 
software should do it.

Also, I've heard that 4.2 will be using GSSAPI for replication so this issue 
should become mood, but we would really like to deploy a (Debian based) 
FreeIPA server now and not in a few months. (And while FreeIPA is really 
really cool, without working replication I don't think I can recommend it.)

If there is anything I could help with, eg more logs or trying some options or 
building a patch, I'd be glad to.

You can comment directly to https://bugs.debian.org/786411 by sending an email 
to 786...@bugs.debian.org - or just reply to this mail / me and I'll append to 
the bug if its useful.



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