On Tue, 09 Jun 2015, Alexander Frolushkin wrote:
It's little sad for me, because after that my new replica fails to start after 
reboot, on smb:

Jun 09 15:41:23 nw-rhidm02 smbd[4692]: [2015/06/09 15:41:23.174023,  0] 
Jun 09 15:41:23 nw-rhidm02 smbd[4692]: kerberos error: code=-1765328203, 
message=Keytab contains no suitable keys for cifs/nw-rhid...@unix.megafon.ru
^^ check your hostname, most likely you have broken one. It looks for 
cifs/nw-rhid...@unix.megafon.ru and most likely there is a key for 

You cannot mix together fully-qualified and non-qualified hostnames.
/ Alexander Bokovoy

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