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Just to remind if somebody still not familiar with our IPA installation J

We currently have 18 IPA servers in domain, on 8 sites in different regions across the Russia.

And now, our new problem.

Regularly we getting a nsds5ReplConflict records on some of our servers, very often on servers from specific site. Usually it is simply a doubles and we can remove the renamed change to get everything back. But why do we have them at all?

May be someone could explain, how we can detect the cause of this replication conflicts?

if you are talking about having two "duplicate" entries,
one: uid=xxxxx,<suffix>
one: nsuniqueid=nnnnnnnn+uid=xxxxx,<suffix>

these entries appear if the entry uid=xxxxx was added, simultaneously, on two servers. I think this can happen if a client tries to add an entry and if it doesn't get a response in some time retries on another server. to find out which client this is you need to check on which servers the entries were originally added and then see which client was doing it

Sometime it is moderately harmful, because, for example HBAC stops working on specific server while doubles still present.

Thanks in forward...


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