On 08/07/15 14:26, Karl Forner wrote:

When using my freeIPA DNS name server for my domain example.test, I need to exclude some names from the server( to be forwarded to the DNS forwarder for instance.

For example, I'd like foo.example.test not to be resolved, but forwarded.
How could I implement this ?

Karl Forner


If you plan to forward whole subzone, you can use forward zones in IPA.

example.test -- master zone
foo.example.test -- forward zones

which IPA version o IPA do you have?
If IPA > 4.0, than you can use ipa dnsforwardzone-add command.
Otherwise dnszone-add with --forwarder option

Do not forget to add proper NS delegation for all sub zones from parent zone.
For example: ipa dnsrecord-add example.test. test --ns-rec=ipa.example.test.

Martin Basti

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