On 12/07/15 10:05, Sina Owolabi wrote:

I have several dns zones defined in IPA. I noticed recently that the
zone files are empty. I find this odd because I created them like the
example below.
Is it possible to force clients to auto-update reverse zones?

Thanks in advance!

How I created all the zones:

  ipa dnszone-add 0.14.10.in-addr.arpa. --minimum=3000
--allow-sync-ptr=TRUE --dynamic-update
   Zone name: 0.14.10.in-addr.arpa.
   Active zone: TRUE
   Authoritative nameserver: services.ourdomain.com.
   Administrator e-mail address: hostmaster
   SOA serial: 1436688202
   SOA refresh: 3600
   SOA retry: 900
   SOA expire: 1209600
   SOA minimum: 3000
   BIND update policy: grant QRIOS.COM krb5-subdomain 0.14.10.in-addr.arpa. PTR;
   Dynamic update: TRUE
   Allow query: any;
   Allow transfer: none;
   Allow PTR sync: TRUE


do you have --allow-sync-ptr=True configured in zones where the particular A/AAAA records are?

SSSD is able to update records.
Please check if "dyndns_update" is set to true in sssd.conf. (man sssd-ipa)

Martin Basti

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