On (04/08/15 07:56), Torsten Harenberg wrote:
>just realized that it's probably not an instablity, but some process is
>killing sssd:
>[root@wn113 sssd]# zcat sssd.log-20150804.gz
>(Mon Aug  3 20:30:55 2015) [sssd] [mt_svc_sigkill] (0x0010):
>[pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de][5957] is not responding to SIGTERM. Sending
>(Mon Aug  3 20:31:31 2015) [sssd] [mt_svc_sigkill] (0x0010): [nss][7211]
>is not responding to SIGTERM. Sending SIGKILL.
This line says that the process sssd_nss was busy with some task
and was not responding to ping from the monitor process (sssd)
Therefore it was restarted.

>No one of the admins were logged in during that time and also "last"
>doesn't show any login.
>sssd was installed as a dependency from ipa-client and was
>autoconfigured by ipa-client-install. The config file looks normal to me:
>cache_credentials = True
>krb5_store_password_if_offline = True
>ipa_domain = pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de
>id_provider = ipa
>auth_provider = ipa
>access_provider = ipa
>ipa_hostname = wn113.pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de
>chpass_provider = ipa
>ipa_server = _srv_, ipa2.pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de,
>ldap_tls_cacert = /etc/ipa/ca.crt
>services = nss, sudo, pam, ssh
>config_file_version = 2
>domains = pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de
>homedir_substring = /home
>sssd.conf (END)
>Anybody seen something like this already?
It's hard to say. Without full log files.
I would recommend to follow intructions from upstream wiki[1].

In 1st mail you mention using newer version of sssd.
You can try the latest upstream version[2]
oryou can wait for CentOS6.7


[1] https://fedorahosted.org/sssd/wiki/Troubleshooting
[2] https://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/lslebodn/sssd-1-12/

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