Thanks for the hints and the pointers.

We found that this

(Thu Aug  6 03:30:01 2015) [sssd[nss]] [id_callback] (0x0010): The
Monitor returned an error [org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply]

and this always happens when there are jobs with heavy disc IO and the
nodes (see plot attached from this particular node.

SGE then goes into error state with

wnfg055/messages:08/06/2015 03:26:36|  main|wnfg055|E|can't start job
"5538749": can't get password entry for user "___". Either user does not
exist or error with NIS/LDAP etc.

(user name replaced)

Is there any way of telling sssd to wait longer for an answer?

We already tried to get the load down but it's difficult to identify
which jobs are causing this, we have a large variety of users with many
different applications.

Best regards


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